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Strong performance up to 140 °C

30.09.2017 00:00

Strong performance up to 140 °C

Just in time for the K 2016 EMS-GRIVORY launches a new Grivory HT product line. The new grades can withstand higher loads at temperatures up to 140 °C, allowing for thinner-walled components and thus for weight and cost savings per part

In 1994, EMS-GRIVORY launched the market introduction of the high temperature material Grivory HT. In the meantime, EMS-GRIVORY has become market leader in Europe and offers the widest range of PPA products in the world. Now, EMS-GRIVORY is introducing a new Grivory HT product line with considerably increased temperature performance onto the market.

Higher E-modulus, increased heat distortion temperature
The new Grivory HT grades are used in all application areas where PPA reaches it limits for mechanical loading. With the same melting point as Grivory HT1 (325 °C), the new product line offers significantly more performance. The E-modulus at 140 °C has been increased by 50% and the heat distortion temperature (HDT/C) by 50 °C to 250 °C. With the same geometry, the new Grivory HT grades can withstand higher loads at elevated temperatures. New, thinner-walled components can be engineered, representing weight and cost savings per part.

Market introduction covers four basic grades: 40 and 50 weight percent glass-fiber reinforcement with both organic and inorganic stabilisers in each case. Possible target applications for the new Grivory HT grades are clutch and gear components as well as structural parts and supporting brackets in the engine compartment.

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